Date added: 03/28/2016 SEMINAR at Toronto Tattoo Show - CANADA

Killer Silver Tattoo
Date : June 18th, 2016  - Saturday
Time : 1:00pm - 3:30pm
Price : 270 CDN ~  $200    All payments will be charged in CANADIAN DOLLAR in case of Credit Card payments!
Deposit : 50.00 CDN  to via paypal
                               or with a major credit card by calling 1-800-214-7104 or 416-203-7399 outside N. America. 
Location : Metro Toronto Convention Center
North Building, 255 Front St. West, Toronto,ON M5V 2W6
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Caesar conducts and power point presentation during his seminar.
You will get an overall feeling how he handles the business from initial client email, thru consultation,schedule, designing and finishing the tattoo  including everything in between as a one man company. Particularly big focus on his strength of composition, how a client's idea develops into a signature piece of tattoo and how the computer design will be transferred to the skin with his gray-wash tattoo ink development called Killer Silver : "The se7en Deadly Shades". His portfolio is the credit what this tattoo ink set up capable of doing.

Here is a quick skeleton of the seminar content :
- Designing process
- Composition
- Workspace set up
- Killer Silver Shade system

- Fundamentals on composition and gray scale/value understanding
- Transferring your drawing/media skills to skin
- consistent and wide range shading in tattooing

Caesar is a large scale black and gray tattoo artist from New York. Specialized for monochrome photo realism and developed his Killer Silver 6+1 shade system called "The se7en Deadly Shades" during his carrier.

Caesar Drawing 1 Caesar Drawing Caesar's Drawing   

  Caesar's portfolio :

More details about the event :

Tickets are available : SIGN UP