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"I dont like it ..... I LOVE IT! "
Killer Silver - James Hungary Testimonial

"The best Gray-Wash Set I have ever used!"

Maximilien Rothert

"Killer Silver Inks are by far, for me, hands down the best greywashes I’ve used."


Before using Killer Silver I was double boiling my black ink, I was doing this to get a rich consistency in my blacks that I would then cut with water. This was never 100% consistent, always made a mess, and most importantly not an efficient use of my time. With the Killer Silver 7 Deadly Shades I am certain the every time I use them they are the same. Caesar has for years been using and perfecting his blacks and now we finally have access to them. Craftsmanship is something Caesar puts into everything he does and I know I can trust the highest quality in this product. I’ve never used an ink that goes in with the ease that KS does. The black is well rounded, rich and can also be whipped out and blended smoothly, with absolutely no graininess to the pigment. The grey washes go in consistently and can either be brushed in or packed like color and they heal true to the scale and percentage when saturated. Even if not tattooed to full saturation and instead brushed in to create gradients, the healed result is still smooth and consistent. The ease that the ink goes in cuts down on the time spent creating smooth transitions and gradations which means there is less irritation and trauma to the skin. Instead of working in irritated tones of grayish reds I can see the tones of grey settled and can easily be worked into if need be. By not overworking the skin in this way, especially with the lighter tones, the heal time on my tattoos has significantly decreased allowing for bigger projects and second passes to be done in less time. Having the black and mixing solution is also a great addition to the set because it allows for more versatility and a good segue from using a drop system to the 7 Deadly Shades.