Tony Mancia

My Name is Tony Mancia, I have been tattooing around 7 years now. I started my career in Kingston PA and since then I have traveled to world working many conventions and guest spots. I now currently reside and own a private studio in Atlanta GA. I frequently work in Winterthur Switzerland at Freibeuter tattoo and work throughout Germany about 5 months a year.

I would say my style is based on a mix of classic renaissance and surreal art. When I was in University I studied painting and fine art which opened up a much different outlook towards what I thought art was.  I have always been drawn to surreal art but since getting a better understanding I became drawn to artists like Caravaggio and William Bouguereau . I strive to have strong composition and powerful subject matter. I normally do large scale work which involves much attention to flow of the body. And I am always trying to push my work to a different level or approach.
I have been published in many tattoo magazines national and international and have been published in 7 tattoo and art related books. I have also won many awards nationally and internationally.

As of now I would say over 80% of my work is black and grey. With that being said, I have always strived to find the best black and formula for my grey wash. The most important thing to me is a strong black, from there everything falls into place. As time has progressed it became equally as important to have a sufficient range of opacity with my grey wash as opposed to simply cutting black with water. This is the strongest element of Killer 7. From black to the range of value with the grey wash it is a complete package.
My set up is always the same and exact to the mixtures provided, One thing I do Is I will put out three solid black caps to ensure that when I need an absolutely solid black I have it. I use one cap to mix with the grey was as I am working to build up my gradients. This leaves the two solid caps free of any dilution while working. I normally don't use one cap of black until I am at my last pass then I will build up my highest and most saturated values. Using the pre mixed percentages Allows me to know exactly what I am using and already anticipate exactly how it will heal.
The main thing I want to point out with killer 7 is the tone of black which separates it from any other pigment I have used. You will immediately notice that the ink had a warm hue to it, which normally you see most black ink consisting of a cool/blue black hue. This also becomes much more obvious when you view the healed work.  Everything has a smooth silver look, which is subtle but powerful!

Having the opportunity to have preset mixes that have been tested and proven successful over time, allows me to focus on the work that I am doing without having to focus on what I am using. Because I simply know it is going to have the results I am anticipating.