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KillerSilver 60% - 2oz (60ml)

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The 60% black ink is the darkest gray ofThe Se7en Deadly Shades. This shade falls just lighter than black, proving to be perfect for heavily shaded areas and deep contrasts within shadows. Its concentration of black allows the artist to create smooth, soft shades that still hold their darkness. Unlike other tattoo inks, this midnight grey never stains, and any excess ink that escape during tattooing can easily be wiped off. And like all Killer Silver Inks, its ingredients and PH ratio have been balanced to ensure the least possible amount of irritation and trauma to the skin, which helps to significantly promote healing.

CONSISTENCY : This ink is designed to be fluid and smooth, but still holds its thickness to enhance its rich, deep grey color.

NOTE : You can study the swatch on the left side to see how the ink looks like when it's fresh in the skin, AND observe the swatch on the right side to see how it looks after it has healed.


PROESSIONAL SUGGESTIONS BY CAESAR : "This 60% shade is designed to fill up the spot between the middle tones and the 100% pitch black shade. As you can see and expect, it is slightly lighter in fresh state than the 100% black; even though it is tough to judge this in its fresh state on the human skin, time will show you after healing how well-positioned it is. I mostly use it for form shadows and forms being on the darker shaded side. As you can see on the category image above, it is my lighter dark shade."

If you feel adventurous, you can check out Caesar's Advanced Shade Set Up with his 12+1 Set up, or learn how the other Killer Silver Artists uses their Shades.


7 Deadly Sins Tattoo: Lust by Caesar

Killer Silver
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