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KillerSilver 6% - 2oz (60ml)

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The 6% black ink is the lightest-gray of The Se7en Deadly Shades .   It is so light that it’s hardly darker than a white boy’s skin tone. Because of this shade’s low pigment content, it creates a browish looking tone on the skin – which is the result of the ink mixing with blood in the skin (see fresh swatch on the left side). But because of the even dispersion of the pigment throughout the ink, you will get the same amount of pigment wherever the shade is placed. And like all Killer Silver Inks, its ingredients and PH value have been balanced to ensure the least possible amount of irritation and trauma to the skin, which helps to significantly promote healing. You can see the healed beautifully soft silver looking result on the right side swatch.

CONSISTENCY : This ink is designed to flow lightly and fluidly, mixing with the blood to create a unique light gray shade.

NOTE : You can study the swatch on the left side to see how the ink looks like when it's fresh in the skin, AND observe the swatch on the right side to see how it looks after it has healed.


PROESSIONAL SUGGESTIONS BY CAESAR :"This shade is just slightly darker than the white man's skin tone, as you can see, and capable of creating very subtle shades – BUT you have to be extremely careful using it if you have no experience with applying this light ink quality. During the session, all you see is redness, and it feels like the ink isn't in the skin, so many artists have a tendency to overwork the ink into the skin. You have to accept the physical fact that the pigment is in the ink, and the ink is in the skin, and stop working on the same area after 2 passes!!! You have to know it, even if the eye can't see it. The reason for this is that the redness has a lower value (different shades of gray between white and black in monochrome drawing, sometimes called tones as well) than this silver soft 6% black ink. After a certain amount of time, when you move away from this area and the skin has a chance to relax, you can see how the ink starts becoming visible. Please observe and study the images below for a more complete understanding."

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7 Deadly Sins Tattoo : Sloth by Caesar

Killer Silver
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