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KillerSilver 40% - 2oz (60ml)

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The 40% black ink is the medium gray ofThe Se7en Deadly Shades. This shade rounds out the darker of the greys in the scale. While still holding a deep grey tone, it is best for more subtle details, without the severe darkness of the deeper blacks. And like all Killer Silver Inks, its ingredients and PH value have been balanced to ensure the least possible amount of irritation and trauma to the skin, which helps to significantly promote healing.

CONSISTENCY : This ink is designed to flow easily, for ultimate usability in middle gray-scale shading.

NOTE : You can study the swatch on the left side to see how the ink looks like when it's fresh in the skin, AND observe the swatch on the right side to see how it looks after it has healed.


PROESSIONAL SUGGESTIONS BY CAESAR : "I use this shade as the darker medium tone of mine. As you will notice, the Killer Silver Gray Scale Ink line follows my personal expectations as far as  usability and consistency go; by this, I mean that the set gradually gets lighter from 100% black toward the white ink, and it behaves in the same way regarding consistency. The 100% is the thickest ink, and from 25% down to the 6% solution, it is really watery and runny, making it easier to work in and to get lighter, more subtle shades out of the ink mixture. 40% is in the middle of the two ends of the spectrum as far as consistency goes, just like the shade value itself."

If you feel adventurous, you can check out Caesar's Advanced Shade Set Up with his 12+1 Set up, or learn how the other Killer Silver Artists uses their Shades.


7 Deadly Sins Tattoo : Greed by Caesar

Killer Silver
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