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KillerSilver 100% - 2oz (60ml)

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The 100% black ink is the darkest of The Se7en Deadly Shades. From tribals to trash polka tattooing, this ultimate black ink has been designed for filling in large dark cast shadow areas, outlining meticulous little letters, and everything in between. Unlike other inks, this sturdy black stays where it's been placed, and won’t blow out – even in delicate areas. And like all Killer Silver Inks, its ingredients and PH value have been balanced to ensure the least possible amount of irritation and trauma to the skin, which helps to significantly promote healing.

CONSISTENCY : This ink is designed to be the thickest and darkest of out “The Se7en Deadly Shades”.

NOTE : You can study the swatch on the left side to see how the ink looks like when it's fresh in the skin, AND observe the swatch on the right side to see how it looks after it has healed.


For those who still prefer to mix their own shades, Killer Silver 100% black is the ink for you. But just think for a second whether or not you really need to risk dealing with the potential inconsistency of mixing yourself. (This is why we've already mixed it for you in the full gray-wash set.)

Because :

  • 6 drops of 100% black ink + 4 drops of water = 60% solution = Killer Silver 60%
  • 4 drops of 100% black ink + 6 drops of water = 40% solution = Killer Silver 40%

You need a really big ink cup to be able to mix under 10%, because you need
1 drop of 100% black ink + 19 drops of water to create a 5% black solution.

If you are planning to go to the lighter side and expand your shades, you have to go under 20% to get the 3Dimensional Realistic Illusion on a 2Dimensional surface.



Each bottle of The Se7en Deadly Shades has been pre-mixed using Caesar’s tried and trued mixing method. This means that every drop you pour will be consistent, every time. Not darker, not lighter, but right there. This takes the guesswork out of mixing troubles and gives piece of mind between session. You learn it once how the shades will heal and this is it. This is how simple it is with the Killer Silver Ultimate gray-wash set.

PROESSIONAL SUGGESTIONS BY CAESAR :  "When I was developing this black tattoo ink, my goal was to create a final products that wasn't too thick or too heavy, but also not watery or runny like a pen's ink – instead I wanted it to be somewhere in between, to get a nice rich, pitch black solid ink that  is able to be used to create a solid black surface with a single pass, without blowing out. This way, I can use it to create big solid black surfaces, like those common in the trash polka style of tattooing, and still be able to work out dark cast shadow areas, like those you'll see in my black and gray realistic tattooing style. And at the same time, this ink is also capable of doing small hard edges and meticulous little letters and words within my images. The consistency of the ink is taking care of the necessary amount of pigment in the mixture, so you don't have to worry about being spotty after healing if you used the same pressure throughout the tattoo session. I'm very pleased with the final product, and I recommend it to anybody."

If you feel adventurous, you can check out Caesar's Advanced Shade Set Up with his 12+1 Set up, or learn how the other Killer Silver Artists uses their Shades.


7 Deadly Sins Tattoo : PRIDE by Caesar

Killer Silver
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