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Killer X Mixer - MIX YOUR OWN - Combo Pack - 8.5oz

Killer X Mixer - Combo Pack - 8.5oz

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  Killer X Mixer - Mix Your Own Combo Pack - 8.5oz   Killer X Mixer - Mix your Own Combo Pack - 8.5oz   Killer X Mixer - Mix Your Own Combo Pack - 8.5oz


Buying this 2 bottles Combo Pack will SAVE you 7.4% compare to buying each bottle individually


  • developed for black and gray realism
  • EU certified Tattoo Ink
  •  Food Grade Ingreadients
  •  VEGAN satisfaction
  •  USA manufactured honest product




mended for black and gray realism

This combo pack contains out Killer Silver 100% higher viscosity black tattoo ink and our in house develeped Killer X Mixer Solution that is enhanced with with hazel and other ingredients that promotes the pigment settling in the skin.

This Combo pack recquires skill, knowledge and understanding what you are doing... as you are going to mix your on little batches for each tattoo individually. How light or dark you are going to go it all depends on your experiance and skill along with consistancy.


gray-scale ink set features all of The Se7en Deadly Shades by Killer Silver Ink. This is the most consistent grey wash medium in the industry, with precisely designed shades that span from 100% black, to a subtle 6% black. The system is constructed from a 6-bottle range of black ink shades, and includes the seventh ink – w


 Ingredients : Aqua, Glycerine, PEG-4, Witch Hazel Extract,


(250ml) -  2 Bottles (KS100-8 Tattoo Ink + KXM-8.5 Tattoo Ink Mixing Solution)

Killer X Mixer Combo Pack
Type of Tattoo Ink:
Gray-Wash SET