" Hands down the best Gray-Wash Set I have ever laid my hands on. You can see and feel the tattoo artist's experiance behind the set up. It isn't random like other brands! "

I only use Killer Silver for all my black & gray tattoos since they they are on the market. Caesar did a good job setting up the correct shade system to be able to do a nice 3 Dimensional illusion effortlessly. Unlike other gray washes on the market (I tried them all) this is closest to be perfect with its ease going to the skin, one pass and it is in, SAFE, EU certified product, NO CARCINOGENS in it, PH balanced, sterilized tattoo ink and probably that is why it heals in 3-4 days and looks silver after the ink is settled in the skin.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   - James -