Frank The Butcher


" Killer Silver took me a level higher in quality.
Using Killer Silver ink gave me the opportunity to take my skill and thus the quality of my tattoos to another level.
Killer Silver ink is perfect in the search for perfect balance in soft shading and high contrasts
"Innovation is the key"
Killer Silver innovates his product in the search to perfection
So we the artists get better in our work and the end results are top quality. "

- Frank the Butcher -


Frank Dilien aka "the Butcher " Born and raised in Houthalen Belgium. Specialized in realistic black and grey . Frank is a established tattoo artist in Belgium . With a old school tattoo artist from the early 90' in his family . He had the opportunity to develop him self to a good artist . After his military service he took the chance to start his own shop . Now he owns the fabulous shop " The Butcher House  " in Houthalen with a team of 2 other artists