Tattoo ink is forever – so what’s in your skin?

Lets start clearing some gray clouds up around this tattooing - tattoo ink safety topic.
My name is Caesar. I've been tattooing 20+ years and turn into tattoo ink manufacturer - beside still being a tattoo artist - to fill up a little hole on the tattoo supply chain by creating a SAFE tattoo ink as alternative and affordable option next to the questionable origin and "we dont know what is in the bottle" type of tattoo inks. My company name is: Killer Silver Ltd.
8oz of a questionable product costs $28 vs the same 8oz of Killer Silver 100%, which costs $43.

That’s 50% more expensive, right? Well, if you calculate based on the fact that you can tattoo around 200 hours worth (just calculate your tattoo artist’s hourly rate) with an 8oz bottle of ink, the difference for the SAFETY of the consumer comes down to a fraction of a cent.

So MY question is, what product would you let your daughter get tattooed with???